The show on June 19th with Arthur was definitely a huge success!! We did the whole “Angels On Horseback” CD, followed by some old and new favorites. Several of the residents stayed around after the show to tell me they had a great time, and hoped that Arthur would come back soon.

June 23rd found us in New York for Jason’s high school graduation, and at the dinner that evening we found out just how much he liked our song, “Angels On Horseback”. He did a school project that took a year and a half, that involved writing an adaptation for a string quartet that he conducted and recorded with some of his friends. He then showed us the video that accompanied this project, and it was absolutely incredible: it literally moved me  (and I’m sure many others who saw it) to tears! Then, to boot, they celebrated my birthday at his graduation party. What an incredible experience for me! On top of that,

July 10th found Cathy and me back at the recording studio, where I was able to pretty much finish up my parts of the upcoming EP (a six-song CD). Next date there will be August 16th. That will be even better than previously thought: in addition to Jason and Vickie being included on these songs, Lori will be joining us! I simply cannot wait to see how this plays out. Lori is an experienced singer with her band in Florida, and with the three of them as singers on this album, it should be a really good project.

On July 24th, we were back at Brighter Living for another great show, and were were given several requests for our August 21st show. Then on August 25th, I went with some people from the Chesterfield library to Lucy Corr Assisted Living facility to do a single gospel song, and from that the facility (Lucy Corr) called me and booked us for January 2nd. Wow!

June and July were very busy months, and it looks like August is going to be even busier!