A great couple of days spent at Omega Recording Studios in Rockville, Maryland this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Got together with Arthur Abbate; my son, David; my grandson, Jason;, and David’s girlfriend, Vicki Chen, to record some new original songs. We had an incredible time. Brother Ed and his staff were, as usual, absolutely great to us.

We started out with a day of practice at one of the studios, and spent the entire day going over what we wanted to do the following day, the actual recording day. By the time we got done for the day, our tails were hanging to the floor.

On Wednesday, Arthur on guitar, me on bass, and Jason singing, we recorded one of Arthur’s songs about bullying, and that’s very likely to go somewhere. We moved on to my songs; Keep Her Safe, Keep Him safe, and Keep them Safe, and did most of the recording with Arthur on bass, me on guitar, and Vicki, Jason, and me singing. These will be completed at the next session. Then, with Arthur on bass, me on guitar, and Vicki and me singing, we did my song, That’s Worse. I think that song will be received quite well, with Vicki singing backup as the “conscience” in the song.Gives me shivers thinking about it. We didn’t finish until well after 7PM, and by then we were all whipped. Arthur and Benedetta, David, Vicki, and Jason all had to head home right after we got done, and Cathy and I went to dinner and then called it an early night from being so tired out.

Another day of recording will see us finishing up “Angels On Horseback- The Complete Story” as a bluegrass version, “I Didn’t Know I Could Love Like That”,  “I Never Give Up”,  with Vicki, and Jason recording their harmony tracks (my parts of those are already done). We still have to do “The Good Life” entirely. With Jason and Vicki singing backup, the dynamics of my songs changes to something new, and I cannot wait for all of this to get done.

So for now all is back to normal, and I’m looking forward to performing at Brighter Living in Hopewell, Virginia next Monday.