Just finished one more day at the studio in Maryland, and everything is done except having the percussion group in and the studio editing where Scotty does his magic for the new album. I think this album is going to be absolute dynamite, and I cannot wait until we have the finished product to turn over to the disc manufacturers. We’ll have seven of my original songs plus Artie’s “If You Only Knew”, which was recorded with Artie on guitar and Jason singing. I’m going to put it all onto CDs and USB sticks, and now it’s time to get everything ready for that. It’s a real exciting time.

Just did a show at Lucy Core Adult Day Center in Chesterfield, with 2 more shows next week; the first on Monday at Brighter Living in Hopewell, and the second on Tuesday at The Laurels At Willow Creek in Midlothian. All 3 of these places are lots of fun for us to play at, and then we’ll take a little break.