After finishing out 2022 with our Christmas show at Brighter Living in December of 2022, we kicked off the new year by going back to there on January 16th. This was our 19th time there, and each time seems to be better than the last. The residents were singing up a storm and seemed to be having a lot of fun, which in turn makes our appearance there even more fun for us.

We then made a return appearance at the Brandermill Woods Assisted Living Facility in Midlothian, and we had fun again. Residents that we thought were not really into the show actually came up to us as we were packing up to tell us how much they had enjoyed themselves, specifically commenting on the guitar playing and the singing. Makes everything worthwhile.

On the evening of February 12th, and the morning of the 13th, while Cathy and I  are at a Blue Knight event in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, we’ll be meeting with David, Jason, and possibly Vicki, to get a little practice in for our upcoming recording session at Omega Studios in Rockville, Maryland. Then the following week, February 21, 22, and 23, we’ll be in Rockville for the session itself. We’ll get there the 21st (Monday), and will be joined by David, Jason, and hopefully Vicki, and also hopefully Artie, to get a little practice in for the Wednesday recording session. Tuesday, the 22nd, we’ll be at the studio all day for a really heavy duty practice session. Jason has the most work to do to learn the harmony parts of the songs we’ll be working on, and I am quite confident he’ll nail it. He also will be working on Artie’s project, “A Song For Nick”, as the lead singer, and I don’t doubt that he’ll nail that too.

All in all, the year is definitely headed in the right direction. Hope it lasts!!